Brenda Green

Botanical Artist and Potter

This image is a botanical drawing of purple and white Fritillaria.


Please enquire if you wish to know the cost of particular items on the website.

Prices of Cards and Notelets

Individual cards can be purchased for £1.50. Fabric-covered card packs cost £12. Notelet packs are sold for £6.


I am very happy to accept commissions for paintings and pots. However, I prefer not to make plates.

Original Paintings

Original paintings, framed and mounted, cost from £90 to £500, depending on size.


Some prints are available on request.

Unframed unmounted prints cost £25. Prints that have been mounted and framed range from £70 to £200.


I make a huge range of pots and so only a selection can be shown on the website.
Prices of pots range from £10 to £50+, eg. candle lanterns retail at £32.
The maximum height of pots I can make is 15", due to the height of my kiln.